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If you perform a simple search for aquarium maintenance services on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you will find a large list of local New York City aquarium services that will offer professional fish tank cleaning services. It may be difficult to sift through all of the aquarium service companies offering the same services at affordable pricing. In this month’s article the Manhattan aquarium service professionals at Normal Aquatics have complied a list to assist you in finding the best New York City area aquarium maintenance company.

Compare prices
One of the main deciding factors in choosing the best aquarium maintenance company is their pricing. It is recommended that you select an company who’s pricing falls in between the higher and lower end priced services. Many companies will offer what appears to be a very low price, however they may achieve the prices by scrimping on quality of materials and service. Other more established aquarium service companies will overcharge for their services.

Request a detailed proposal
Understanding beforehand if the price estimate includes supplies such as filter material, plants or corals, and chemicals will assist you in finding the best aquarium service company for the job. A professional aquarium service company will offer you a complete detailed proposal, so you understand exactly what you are paying for.

Request a list of referrals
We are constantly acquiring new clients because their original aquarium service company did not live up to their expectations. After seeing our work, they can’t believe the difference in quality. Avoid wasting money and on a poor aquarium service company by requesting a list of references from your prospective company.

Selecting the best aquarium cleaning service can be a stressful project, but if you use the tips provided above, you should be able to find a perfect combination of affordability, reliability, and quality.