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As a current or prospective saltwater aquarium owner, you most likely understand that establishing your aquarium and adding livestock and plants will require a great deal of knowledge and effort. Successful aquarium setups will depend heavily on doing extensive research and performing the proper preparations. There are many different options available for your tank, and with the great deal of access you will have by purchasing livestock, corals, plants, and reefs online, it can seem like an extremely daunting task selecting which setup will be the best fit for your tank. There are factors that you will need to take into consideration, such as compatibility, tank size, and maintenance issues. The Connecticut salt-water aquarium installation experts at Normal Aquatics have compiled a two-part list, which will explain the different stages involved in setting up and stocking your tank in the correct manner.

Stage 1: Selecting the Aquarium that is right for you.
Just as important as taking the appropriate measures to ensure the health of your fish inside your aquarium, you must also take necessary measures for the outside of the tank as well. Before you begin to install your new aquarium, take into consideration the location of where you aquarium will reside, in order to avert costly and physically burdensome errors. Normal Aquatics were recently hired for an aquarium maintenance service by a client in Brooklyn, NY who had his aquarium located in the basement of the house, where it went weeks without anyone taking care of it. This resulted in an equipment malfunction that went unnoticed, which lead to the tank becoming diseased and a loss of livestock.

Stage 2: Aquarium Water Preparation:
Now that you have selected your aquarium tank, you must follow certain precautions when you add the water, in order to create a healthy habitat for your fish, reef, and plants. The balance of the ecosystem in your aquarium will depend heavily on the nitrogen cycle. By removing the unhealthy components in your aquarium’s water, the nitrogen cycle will assist in establishment positive bacteria elements that your ecosystem will need to thrive. In order to maintain healthy water conditions for your aquarium, you should utilize test kits on a continual basis to ensure that the pH, ammonia, nitrate, and chlorine are not at toxic levels. There are many affordable water test kits available at your local pet store that will assess the health of your water.

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