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A custom aquarium design and installed by Normal Aquatics will be an attractive focal point in your home or business. There are also many therapeutic benefits to owning an aquarium for adults such as lowering stress levels, as well as educational benefits for children such as instilling responsibility. The micro aquatic ecosystem that is created, is an excellent way to bring an element of nature indoors. As you focus on the swimming habits of the fish and other inhabitants of your tank, combined with the tranquil sound of running water, it will offer a sense of calm and relaxation.

Based in New York City, Normal Aquatics has built a reputation as being the leader in designing and installing custom aquariums for residential and commercial property owners throughout the Connecticut area and beyond. We have been providing our superior customer aquarium services to towns throughout the New York and New Jersey area and New England for 20 years. Our tropical reef fish tanks have been the centerpieces for establishments such as restaurants, offices, educational facilities, and residential homes to name a few.

We have the tools and capacity to design custom aquariums of all sizes and scope and will work closely with you to take your vision and turn it into a reality. If you are in the process of constructing a new home or commercial facility, you can put us in touch with your architect, so that we can design a tank that will best suit the architecture and contours of your space to ensure that your aquarium will blend seamlessly with your room.

At Normal Aquatics, we work very hard to ensure that our business to be the best custom aquarium design, installation and service company in the area. Our service area includes all of Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford County and surrounding suburbs as well the New York City area. Whether you are considering a new reef aquarium, saltwater aquarium or freshwater fish tank, and are looking fora customized design and installation, or are just interested in fish tank maintenance of any kind, let the aquarium installation professionals of Normal Aquatics take your ideas and vision and help you translate them to your dream aquarium.