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Are you considering installing a custom designed aquarium for your home or business? There are many factors to consider and different elements that will go into a properly installed aquarium, so make sure that you hire an experienced custom aquarium design and installation service company to get the job done right! It is important to hire a company that is knowledgeable in home design as well as aquarium installation so that the aquarium is properly incorporated into the layout of your home or office without any problems. Normal Aquatics services residential and commercial business in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island and has performed hundreds of custom aquarium installations throughout the New York City area, which has given us the knowledge and experience to incorporate small tanks or extremely large custom designed aquariums into your space, without any problems.

Once your custom aquarium has been installed, Normal Aquatics can assist you in setting up your aquarium aquascape design, which for many salt-water and fresh-water fish tank hobbyists, can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of establishing your tank. The happiness and health of your fish, corals, or plants will achieve the highest level success when your aquatic environment emulates your fish’s natural surroundings as much as possible. Your initial thought may be to create an aquascape that is most aesthetically pleasing, but you must remember to put functionality as your number one priority.

Normal Aquatics is very knowledgeable in aquascape design and understand the different chemical and biological that your habitat must incorporate to support the various types of aquatic life. For larger aquariums, you may even be beneficial to create individual micro-habitats and create a specific structure of plants life, corals, water current, and the level of light. A specific type of invertebrate or fish that thrives in one environment, may not be able to withstand another. We recommend that you utilize the vast amount of knowledge that the aquarium specialists at Normal Aquatics been acquired over the years to create a beautiful and functional habitat for your aquarium.

Some other elements to consider when installing your fish tank is being certain that your aquarium has the proper ventilation, which will impede condensation damage to your millwork and cause excessive heat to your tank. Your NYC aquarium will also require the proper lighting and pumps so that the heat production for your tank will remain at a sustainable level.

Now that you have your perfect tank, complete fish, corals, invertebrates, fish and rocks and your filtration and aquascape are fully functional, you may want consider hiring a professional NYC aquarium maintenance company to service your tank. Normal Aquatics can create a customized Maintenance Program that fits anyone’s Aquarium Service requirements and budget. We can service and maintain your aquarium twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Normal Aquatics Aquarium Maintenance understands that because of the sensitivity of a reef environment and how crucial proper Aquarium Maintenance is, and we recommend a recurring Maintenance Program. We will visit your aquarium with a free Aquarium Consultation before we formally write up a quote.

You can head over to our commercial aquariums or residential aquariums photo galleries to view various pictures with freshwater and saltwater aquariums fish tanks we installed for our clients. You can utlizie the photos from our galleries for inspiration for fish aquarium design ideas, and contact us for all of your fish aquarium professional installation and maintenance needs.

Normal Aquatics provides custom tank installations, aquarium maintenance and repair, and custom pond installations. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Stamford Connecticut, Greenwich Connecticut, Westchester County New York, White Plains New York, New York City, Northern New Jersey, and all of New England. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!