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A cracked or leaking aquarium tank become a very costly issue for you. The majority of aquarium leaks begin small and will be difficult to initially notice. It is important to contact a professional New York City aquarium repair technician immediately to remedy the issue, before it eventually leads to your entire aquarium breaking. Contrary to what many aquarium owners believe, an aquarium does not have to be disposed of when a leak or cracked glass issue occurs. The custom aquarium professionals at Normal Aquatics have repaired and resealed many fish tanks over the years of all sizes and scope.

Some of our more popular auqairum repair services include:

  • Aquarium renovation and leak repair
  • Disease treatment
  • Cracked glass repair
  • Acrylic scratch repair
  • Fire and water damage assistance
  • General troubleshooting
  • Emergency aqurium repair

Detecting a small leak in your aquarium can sometimes be difficult and many times is overlooked by aquarium owners. If you have noticed a leak or crack in your aquarium, it will most likely continue to get worse as time progresses. In order to save your aquarium as well as your livestock, corals, plants, and reef, contact the New York City Aquarium Repair specialists at Normal Aquatics immediately at (203) 292-5922. We offer 24/7 emergency aquarium repair services and you do not have to be an existing Normal Aquatics client to contact us for emergency aquarium maintenance.

If you require professional aquarium assistance or maintenance and repairs, then Normal Aquatics is the best selection for you. Based in Manhattan, New York and servicing the tri-state area and beyond, we are well-equipped to offer you the professional services you deserve, regardless of your budget and requirements. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and we will work hard to exceed your expectations!