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Have you ever considered what goes into maintaining a Custom Aquarium? Normal Aquatics is considered the premier builders of beautiful custom aquariums in the New York City and tri-state area. A custom aquarium by Normal Aquatics will enhance your home or office for an assortment of reasons. Normal Aquatics are capable of constructing aquariums of all sizes and scope and can assist you in adding marine life and landscape elements to your tank. Over the years, we have learned what it takes to source and how to maintain the most exotic fish in your own personal custom aquarium.

The experienced team of aquatic professionals at staff Normal Aquatics each possess a great deal of knowledge with all specifies of tropical fish, reefs, and corals. When you hire Normal Aquatics to design and install a custom aquarium, we will build a tank that is within your requirements and desired budget. Providing ongoing maintenance for custom aquariums and their occupants another service that we provide. After your custom aquarium is constructed and installed, we can provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance to ensure your tank remains healthy and vibrant for many years to come.

We have listed below a few beneficial reasons for having a saltwater aquarium in your home or business:

  • Aquariums are a proven form of relaxation and provide a stress free environment to any space.
  • Creates a more inviting waiting area for restaurants, hotels, doctor’s offices, law firms, hospitals, and other business establishments.
  • They bring all the beauty, bright colors and interesting life forms of the coral reef into your home or office.
  • Improves productivity and morale in the workplace.
  • Educational for both children and adults.

From your initial concept to the finished product, we’re here to help through the entire process of choosing the best aquarium to suit your requirements. With our vast experience we can bring your dream of a tranquil Saltwater Aquarium New York City in your home or office to life. Allow Normal Aquatics to work with you to design, build, install, and maintain your new saltwater aquarium. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost consultation and estimate!