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Custom Aquarium Design Services in New York City

Normal Aquatic’s experienced aquatic technicians have designed and installed aquariums of all sizes and scope through the New York City region. We enjoy to be challenged with new and unique aquarium design projects. At Normal Aquatics, we have the capabilities and capacity to design a custom aquarium that will fit into any sized space and can be constructed within your desired budget.

There are many aquarium design factors to take into consideration when constructing and installing an aquarium. Whether you are interested in new designed and custom built aquarium for your home or office, or are you are simply interested in upgrading your current tank, allow the custom aquarium design professionals at Normal Aquatics to construct a visually appealing and tranquil aquarium and landscape for your space. Please take the time to view our aquarium design services page for additional information.

Custom Aquarium Installation Services in New York City

Installing an aquarium is no simple feat, each aquarium installation project is unique and will require customized services. There are numerous elements of the installation that we will need to take into consideration to ensure an optimum installation. We have been in the business of installing saltwater fish tanks since 1999 and we utilize our vast experience and capable team to ensure your custom aquarium installation is completed with the highest quality craftsmanship. We will work closely with you during the design and installation process to ensure that all of your ideas and vision will be applied in the installation. We handle all aspects of the installation process from delivering your aquarium, connecting all the plumbing and electrical components, making the necessary preparations for your aquarium water.

We specialize in providing professional installation and maintenance solutions to make your aquatic vision achievable and existing projects more efficient. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most economical and efficient methods of making their aquarium a thriving ecosystem. As an insured company, we can offer safe, worry free service that will ensure your aquariums health and beauty. Fill out the form below to receive a free quote! No obligations, no worries. Be as detailed as possible, and our Custom Aquariums Experts will be delighted to assist you.