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A beneficial method of enhancing the visual appearance of your landscape and increase the curb appeal of your property is to hire the New York City based custom pond installation and maintenance specialists at Normal Aquatics to install a beautiful pond onto your premises. Some of the benefits of owning pond include enjoying the elegant and soothing atmosphere that a pond will add to your landscape. There are many benefits that you will enjoy from having a pond, waterfall, or water feature installed into your landscape. Based in Manhattan and serving clients throughout the greater New York City area and beyond, Normal Aquatics have been installing captivating ponds and water features for our customer since 1999. We have put together a list which will hopefully some day persuade you into becoming the proud owner of a new backyard pond.

Reduce water usage to maintain your landscape.
If you would like your lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens to flourish throughout the hot and humid Westchester County area summer, you will need an abundance of water to provide the necessary hydration and nutrients. A backyard pond create a self-attaining level of water as it accumulates from typical heavy spring rainfall period. The water in your pond can potentially allow you hundreds of gallons of excess water that can be used to hydrate the various components of your landscape.

Mental Health Benefits.
Many studies conducted have shown that there are numerous health advantages related to owning a pond or water feature. These comprehensive reports have collected information that proven that harmful medical conditions that are related to inducing high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and heart issues have significantly diminished in people who possess a pond, waterfall or water feature on their property. It is understood by a plethora of individuals that the soothing sounds and visually pleasing views of a pond will provide an aura of relaxant, which induces lower stress levels and enhances the overall mental and physical well-being for its owner.

Increase curb appeal and market value of your home.
Real estate studies have indicated that a professionally designed and constructed pond or water feature will create a higher the market value of your home, and depending on the skill which was used to install the pond, can yeild up to a 75% return on investment. An appealing landscape will usually play an important role in creating a more appealing listing to potential buyers.

Normal Aquatics has the capability of designing and installing a customized pond that that will blend seamlessly with the characteristics of your landscape. Our installations involve using quality materials and high quality filtration systems that ensure a healthy habitat for your plants and fish. Normal Aquatics works under the guise that a well planned design for your pond or water feature, will be crucial to its success. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process and take your direction and visual ideas to create the aquatic landscape of your dreams. It is our goal to provide our clients with the greatest customer service, to install a well designed pond, water feature, or water garden that will function perfectly and require a low amount of maintenance. You can contact us today at (203) 292-5922 for a free consultation!

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