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If you are in the process of relocating your aquarium, there are many factors to consider and a lot of planning involved to make your move successful and ensure that your fish remain healthy. Based in Manhattan, Normal Aquatics offers fish tank moving and transportation services throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, and beyond. In this month’s article, we will offer advice on how you can take the necessary precautions which will ensure that your aquarium move is completed without any problems.

As you begin your aquarium move, it is recommended that you preserve as much of the original water from your tank as possible. The will require less of an acclimation period as you setup your aquarium in your new location, and lower the levels of ammonia and other potentially toxic elements as you restart your tank. Be very gentle with the components of your tank such as sump pump, heating system, filtration systems as you pack them for transportation.

Tips on moving fish and fish tanks

  • Do not feed the inhabitants of your tank for a few days prior to your move.
  • Create a list of the necessary components, which will allow you to get your tank up and running at your new location.
  • Purchase buckets that can be used to transport the water and ensure that you buckets have not been previous contained cleaning products which may be toxic to your fish.
  • When placing your aquarium in your moving truck, ensure that your fish tank is the final object packed, so that it will be initial object removed.
  • Prepare the fish for travel. Understand that no matter what the distance is for your new location, the fish cannot be transported inside the aquarium.

Once you have setup your aquarium in your new location, you can then begin the process of adding water to your tank. Whether you are utilizing the water from your previous location, or adding new water to the tank, it is very important to tentatively monitor the temperature, pH Level, as well as chlorine and ammonia balance. In order to reduce stress levels and ensure the health of your fish you will want to emulate the previous environment as closely as possible.

One of the most difficult challenges you can face as an aquarium owner, is transporting your tank to a new location. Your aquarium possess a unique ecosystem, which your fish are acclimated to and helps them to maintain a stress free and healthy existence. If you have questions regarding New York City aquarium moves, you can contact Normal Aquatics at anytime to receive a no-cost consultation. We provide aquarium transport services to all the five boroughs of New York City as well as Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.