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Normal Aquatics specializes in custom design, installation, and maintenance of aquariums and ponds in the greater New York City area. We provide appealing aquatic designs to match your vision and add beauty, as well as a tranquil element to your residential property or commercial facility. Whether you prefer a small aquarium for your private home or an large display for your business, Normal Aquatics have the capabilities to design and install a custom aquarium of all sizes and scope. We have almost 20 years of experience designing and installing a wide range of unique aquarium and pond designs that satisfy our clients requirements. Allow us to convert your space into a living work of art and enjoy the personalized aquatic display constructed by our expert aquatic professionals.

Customized Aquarium Design, Installation & Maintenance Services

We work closely with each of our clients and take all of your suggestions and ideas to ensure a flawless execution of your vision and you that you will be completely satisfied. We use only high grade materials that will ensure that your installation will stand the test of time and visually appealing. From the design, fabrication, to installation phase, we ensure that our aquatic display will live up to your expectations as well as meet any building codes or necessary regulations. Once your new fish tank installation is completed, we provide ongoing aquarium maintenance programs to ensure that all of the fish, corals, invertebrates of your tank remain healthy and your investment is fully protected. We are also on call for 24 hour and 7 day a week emergency aquarium services.

Our aquarium services include:

Normal Aquatics has been providing aquarium design, installation, and maintenance services to customers throughout the Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens area since 1999. We service residential homes, medical offices, commercial facilities, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, and many other types of businesses across the New York City area. Our aquarium design, installation and maintenance teams are considered to be the greatest in the region, which we have gained a reputation through our master craftsmanship and focus on customer service. For professional, high quality aquarium service, turn to our specialists at Normal Auqatics.