Based in Manhattan, and serving commercial and residential property owners throughout Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Metropolitan area, Normal Aquatics performs saltwater aquarium services services that encompass all aspects aquarium installation and maintenance, from repairing a small leak in your tank to completely replacing a broken aquarium glass. If you are experiencing maintenance issues with your fish tank, you can contact us directly at 203-292-5922 and we will dispatch an aquarium maintenance specialist to your location. We offer 24/7 New York City emergency aquarium services. We will arrive at your home or place of business to and perform a complete assessment of your aquatic display in order to locate and find the most efficient and cost effective solution to the problem. We have included a list of aquarium maintenance and repair services, which we typically perform, as well as the appropriate actions that must be performed during a repair operation below.

  • We will arrive at your location to do a complete assessment of the situation and utilize a variety of trouble-shooting techniques in order to locate area that requires repair and find the best solution to your issue.
  • If necessary, we will carefully extract all of the fish, corals, plants, and any other inhabitants of your saltwater aquarium, which will allow us to safely drain out all of the water. Each living competent of your tank will be placed in acclimated water to ensure their health upon being placed back into your repaired tank.
  • Once we have removed your aquarium inhabitants and the water has been drained, your tank will be cleaned and dried out.
  • The next step is to perform the necessary repairs of the damaged area of your tank. We can either patch the damaged areas or if necessary we will replace the entire area with a new section of glass.
  • Now that the damaged areas have been repaired, we will refill your aquarium with saltwater and return all inhabitants in a safe manner.

An aquarium that has been damaged and compromised with crack can pose a serious problem for you. In some situations the leak may appear microscopic, so you may not fully comprhend the seioursness of the situation. But you should understand, if you do not contact the Manhattan Aquarium Service Specialists at Normal Aquatics immediate to assess and repair the situation, that tiny leak can turn into to the entire structure of your tank being compromised, which can cause your glass to completely break.

If you have noticed a crack or leak in your tank , contact the aquarium repair professionals at Normal Aquatics immediately to avoid further more costly repairs. Normal Aquatics offers round the clock emergency aquarium services. We will be there for you when you most need our aquarium services. If there is anything that requires immediate attention to your aquarium, you can contact us directly at 203-292-5922 and our emergency service aquarium maintenance team will be dispatched to your location immediately.

Normal Aquatics of Manhattan provides custom aquarium installations, aquarium maintenance and repair, and custom pond installations. Our service area includes the following burroughs of New York City and surrounding areas Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island Long Island, Westchester County New York, White Plains, Northern New Jersey, Portchester, Rye, Bedford, Chappaqua, and beyond! . Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!